Short Stories


Here are some of my short stories. They are VERY short, so don’t be afraid to try a few.

The Magical Blue Bear 

bear-vector-4This short is from the point of view of a little girl with a very special new friend. She maybe small but she isn’t stupid. There is pain in her life but she is not longer afraid now that she has her very own magic bear as a best friend. 

“Mommy never believed in my magical blue bear. She would pretend that she believed, the way most adults pretend they still believe in Santa Claus. But you can see behind their eyes that they are laughing at you while you put out the milk and cookies. That was how mommy believed in my magical blue bear. Until the day she saw that magical blue bear rip out daddy’s throat. After that she believed in anything I told her.” ~ The Magical Blue Bear Published 1/22/18


I Would Like It to Be Known


Taken from the mind of a killer, this story looks at what happens when a psychopathic narcissist gets caught. Part One with more to come.

“I would like it to be known, for the record, that I didn’t cry when they arrested me. As they put me in shackles, shamefully leading me away from my two boys, Thomas and Gerald, who at the time were 10 and 7, I did not let them see their father whimper or moan. … ”  ~ I Would Like It to Be Known  Published 1/1/17

I Believed You

i believed you photo 10Whether you have experienced bullying from a peer, a parent, or from a partner, it is always hard to face. The abuse is brutal and can leave someone who is otherwise strong, completely vulnerable and defenseless. Find out how Bethany overcomes her father’s bullying in a most unusual and satisfying way.

“You told me I needed you, so I never left your side. / You told me I couldn’t do anything without you, so i never even tried. / You told me I was stupid, so I didn’t think I could be smart. / You told me I was crazy too, so why are you surprised when I fall apart? …” ~ I Believed You Published 11/30/17


photo for lilly 4In this story I begin to explore the darker side of life. It is not a happy story. It is the words of a mother to her child while she sits helpless in jail. I hope you like it, or at the very least, I hope it touches you in some way.

“Lilly, I am coming back. I’ll make it up to you, you’ll see. I promise. I swear Lilly. When I get outta here I am coming home and I am going to hug you and your sister so tight you’ll think I will never let go. And I will take you to the park and I will get you ice cream, whatever you want Lilly, I will make it happen. Please just hang on. Wait for me. Just wait and let me make it up to you. Please Lilly. Let me make it up. …” ~ Lilly Published 11/17/17

You Wrote it all Wrong:


I did this bit just for fun. Sometimes I am my biggest critic and I played around with my inner voice a little here. Also I loved writing Brandis, she has such a larger than life personality. Maybe she will show up in a longer work someday. I find the best characters are ones that pop right off the page and grab you, whether you end up loving or hating them. Those are my favorite to read and favorite to write.

“I open my mouth to try to interject but Brandis doesn’t even notice. ‘I guess no one can really get me, ya know? I am really very deep. People don’t think so, but I am. The stuff I have been through? Come on! Have a little compassion! Freakin’ morons!’ …” ~ You Wrote It All Wrong Published 10/24/16

Anything Will Help:  anything-will-help-2

I spent time living in a car in Seattle in my early twenties. Writing this I drew upon the experiences I had and the people I met. It was published by as part of a short story contest.

“He rubbed the stump where his leg used to be. It had never healed quite right. He had to be careful to not reopen the wound. The light turned yellow and cars slowed to a stop alongside of him. His wheelchair creaked in the rain as he shifted his weight. He wiped at his mouth with a rough black sleeve smearing the snot around his face, not really wiping anything off. He used to care about things like that. …” ~ Anything Will Help Published 7/17/15






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