Short Stories


Here are some of my short stories. The topics range from the ego of a serial killer to a mother helpless to protect her child. I hope you enjoy. 

I Would Like It to Be Known


Taken from the mind of a killer, this story looks at what happens when a psychopathic narcissist gets caught. 

“I would like it to be known, for the record, that I didn’t cry when they arrested me. As they put me in shackles, shamefully leading me away from my two boys, Thomas and Gerald, who at the time were 10 and 7, I did not let them see their father whimper or moan. … ”  ~ I Would Like It to Be Known  Published 1/1/17

I Believed You

i believed you photo 10Whether you have experienced bullying from a peer, a parent, or from a partner, it is always hard to face. The abuse is brutal and can leave someone who is otherwise strong, completely vulnerable and defenseless. Find out how Bethany overcomes her father’s bullying in a most unusual and satisfying way.

“You told me I needed you, so I never left your side. / You told me I couldn’t do anything without you, so i never even tried. / You told me I was stupid, so I didn’t think I could be smart. / You told me I was crazy too, so why are you surprised when I fall apart? …” ~ I Believed You Published 11/30/17


photo for lilly 4In this story I explore the darker side of life. It is not a happy story. They are the words of a mother to her child while she sits helpless in jail. I hope you like it, or at the very least, I hope it touches you in some way.

“Lilly, I am coming back. I’ll make it up to you, you’ll see. I promise. I swear Lilly. When I get outta here I am coming home and I am going to hug you and your sister so tight you’ll think I will never let go. And I will take you to the park and I will get you ice cream, whatever you want Lilly, I will make it happen. Please just hang on. Wait for me. Just wait and let me make it up to you. Please Lilly. Let me make it up. …” ~ Lilly Published 11/17/17








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