Ok. Here are two charts from my Fitbit from the last two days. The first one, we will call it chart A, is from going for a walk with my kids. I will say that again. Chart A is from going for a WALK with my CHILDREN. Chart B is from RUNNING FOR AN HOUR. … More WTF


  It was a long weekend. I only got out for a walk on Sunday. The rest of the weekend was filled with kids and kid related activities. Which was fun. However, I forgot I get cranky when I don’t get to work out. I get cranky, and irritable, and grouchy, and short tempered, and … More Refresher

Back to School

Today I will be attending “bring adult to school” day at my son’s school. I love my boys. I love them so much. And I know I will be fine. I have done this three times now. It shouldn’t be scary. (But it is) I keep telling myself that it will all be over quickly. … More Back to School

Feeling Down

I didn’t feel super great yesterday. I ran on the treadmill, I meditated, I worked… but still I felt off all day. Hopefully today will be a bit better. I plan on going swimming and seeing my counselor. Maybe it was all the pie I ate this weekend… maybe that has got me feeling so … More Feeling Down