Keeping with my new focus, yesterday I swam for 60 minutes at a steady pace. I am in San Diego visiting my parents and the pool I was swimming in is the same pool I swam in for swim team when I was 13. It was a full circle kind of moment. Anyway, it was … More 8/3/19


The day before I left for San Diego was a day to pack and do laundry,  but not in that order. When I was finally done with those things I took the boys to the pool. It was a super hot day and I needed to workout and they needed to get out of the … More 8/1/19


The campout was wonderful. On Saturday we went for a hike. It was absolutely beautiful. There was a caravan of us who went and it was a bit of a drive to reach it. There were more than a few stops to check maps and scratch heads. There is no GPS to guide you out … More 7/30/19


Yesterday I did another easy jog. I am about to leave to go camping and there is still so much to get done. Yesterday I would have probably taken the boys to the pool and swam some laps, but there just wasn’t time. And speaking of camping, we are leaving this afternoon and will be … More 7/27/19


I jogged lightly yesterday. I didn’t push too hard, but I kept a steady pace going the whole time. I wasn’t sweating too hard or breathing super heavy and I never got the feeling I was going to collapse. I was having a very vulnerable feeling sort of day so this was a good pace … More 7/26/19


I walked… I walked for two hours. I was feeling unsafe and a little burned out from working out so hard the day before. So I just walked. And I kept walking. And I felt really good after. Workout summary: 120 minutes 130 average bpm 3 minutes peak 1 hour 6 minutes cardio 50 minutes … More 7/25/19


Yesterday I ran on the treadmill. It was super hot outside and I didn’t want to wait until the sun went down. I did five minutes of walking to warm up and then I started jogging at around 3.5 mph (according to the treadmill). Within five minutes of that my body’s normal protests were already … More 7/24/19


I was busy all day yesterday. I was getting ready to have my boys for a whole fourteen days in a row! I am so excited! We are going camping and then flying down to San Diego to visit my parents. It will be a lot of fun. However, I didn’t work out because I … More 7/23/19


Yesterday I was feeling even better than the day before. I got a lot of cleaning done. So much so that my Fitbit tracked an hour of exercise beyond my actual workout. I also ran on the treadmill. I had to stop a couple times for various reasons. That’s the downside of running at home, … More 7/22/19


I was determined to workout yesterday. I had two days without any exercise and one day with only walking so I was going to kick myself until it happened, and I did it. I went swimming! First off, I was feeling better than the last few days right off the bat. Then I had a … More 7/21/19