I was still shaky yesterday. I started to leave the house a few times to go for a jog. Each time I ended up on the ground crying. That is life with anxiety attacks. There was nothing wrong, nothing different from all the other days that I walked out of the door without any problem, … More 7/19/19


Yesterday I swam! I took the boys to the pool and there was actually a lane open for laps. I got in and did 500 (20 laps) right off the bat. It took me 15 minutes. I wasn’t even a little bit tired. I kept going. I did some kickboard stuff and backstroke as well. … More 7/17/19


Yesterday I ran midday, despite the heat. I was going up to Seattle that night so it was the only time I had free. I took the boys to the neighborhood park and I began running laps around it. The first fifteen minutes were hard. No pains or stitches or anything, just a general protest … More 7/16/19


Yesterday my workout did not go as planned. I took my boys to the pool with the intent to play with them a bit and when a lap lane freed up, jump in and get an hour or so of swimming laps. Well, starting off I lay in the sun a bit longer than I … More 7/15/19


Yesterday I ran around the neighborhood park at night. I started as the sun was setting and ran well into darkness. The first 15 minutes were hard. I kept getting a twinge of pain in either my right ankle or my left knee. So then I would focus on my stride more and the pain … More 7/14/19


I didn’t run or swim or anything yesterday. I was having a bad day. I took the day off from training. (Rest days are important too, right?)

Train To Run

I have set a goal for myself; I want to run a marathon and I want to use this platform to help me achieve it. To give some perspective on this goal, let me set the stage. I am halfway through my thirty-sixth year. I have never been much of a “runner.” I was always … More Train To Run