It felt so good to get back to running. Looking at my chart for Friday I must have already been feeling sick before I even realized it. I spent almost no time in peak heart rate zone. But yesterday, I was back to thirty minutes and more. It felt so good, as I have mentioned. … More Running

Second Sick Day

Well if I wanted confirmation that exercise has an effect on my anxiety level I definitely got one last night. Yesterday was my second day in a row with out a workout (because I wanted to be sure I was completely healthy) and last night I had some of the worst nightmares I have had … More Second Sick Day

Sick Day

I took it easy yesterday and I think I will be today as well. I feel better than I did that first night, but my head still hurts and I don’t want to push it and make it worse. I have this magic ability to heal myself with a nap. I can ward off many … More Sick Day

Treadmill Day

I ran on the treadmill yesterday. I felt good. I had my flu shot later and afterwards I felt achy all over and my head hurt. It could be a reaction to the shot or maybe the kids have brought home something from school. Whatever the cause, I don’t think I will be working out … More Treadmill Day


On Sunday my boys and I went down the street to the neighborhood park. We’ve been many times. I had plans to run while the boys played. However, it was laundry day and my sports bra had just come out of the wash. There is a special kind of torture that involves putting on a … More Mom-Panic

Scootin’ Time

I went out and scooted on that scooter again! We had so much fun! The rain that was promised never came. The sky was dark and the clouds looked menacing but we were able to get outside anyway and managed to stay dry. We went up and down the alley behind the house. I think … More Scootin’ Time

Treadmill Day

I had a good day on the treadmill yesterday. I pushed even harder than before. I am getting my stride back. It feels really good. I ran steady without slowing down for 55 minutes this time, with only a five minute warm up and five minute cool down. Today I will be spending the day … More Treadmill Day