Plan Ahead

I have had a set goal for myself to get the blog posted and 250 fiction words written every day. The thing is, I keep pushing them off until to the last minute. Frequently I am writing after the kids are home from school or even right before I go to bed. And, I confess, there have been several times I have simply not done the fiction words at all. I know I need a different plan.

So, I have adjusted my working schedule a bit and I would like to try a little experiment. This is it:

I laid out my schedule and carved out “work time” every day. Some days it is six hours worth of work time and some days only an hour or two. But every day of the week has work time on the schedule. It is my new plan to sit myself down and write during these scheduled work times.

By approaching it this way I have made the time spent at the computer the goal, not the end product. This, I hope, will prevent me from waiting until the last minute for everything. I also hope it will improve the quality of writing for both fiction and blog as I feel they are both suffering by my procrastination and subsequent haste to finish.

Will this work? I don’t know. But I hope it will.

I still will have time to meditate and time to spend with my partner and kids. As well as time off with nothing at all planned. I hope this all will prove enough down time for me, I won’t get overwhelmed, and I can come through with a better result.

This is my first day with new said schedule.

Interestingly enough it will probably be my last day as well, at least for the next two weeks. Because these next weeks will be filled with holiday activities and all sorts of odd hours. Right now the boys are at their last day of school before winter vacation. My parents arrive in town tomorrow. AND … I am throwing a birthday party for my oldest the Sunday after Christmas, at which there will be little kids and parents and cake and noise. I am terrified.

So… I will go with the flow these next couple of weeks. I will continue to write everyday. I won’t be too harsh a judge on the quality of that writing. And finally, I will save the real schedule to be picked back up after the New Year and everything gets back to normal. Yes? Yes.

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