Sleeping My Way To Health and Happiness

I feel a bit better today. And yesterday I felt a bit better as well. I took a real close look at those days to see if I could determine any variations that might account for this. The one thing I discovered, I had eight hours of sleep.

I never get eight hours of sleep. A majority of nights I get a little over five. On a good night I sleep a touch past seven. But for whatever reason (It was the weekend and I said to hell with getting up early and running) I was able to log eight full hours of zzz’s on Friday night and Saturday night.

Now, I will grant you that Saturday itself was an awful day for me. But I would counter argue that there is the chance I needed to build up on the sleepy time in order to feel the effects. So on Sunday, I finally felt the difference. I felt better!

Now last night, I did not get eight. I didn’t even get six. This was in part because I got up and ran early in the morning (because that is my favorite time to run, thank you very much). However, after I ran and took care of things, I took a nap and was able to bump my time up to seven hours.

I am not done for the day and I intend on trying to get that extra hour in. I am making it a top goal for the day. Along with writing and picking the kids up from school. I want to get that last hour. Because, as I have said before, I get seven hours all the time, and my theory is that eight is the magic number. That eight just might be the point that my brain chemistry starts feeling the benefits.

It’s a theory anyway.

I am doing every thing else I can. I exercise and meditate and eat right. All the things that I can do to help my mental stability and uplift my mood. I thought I was getting enough sleep as well, but it’s possible I wasn’t. So, I figure, what the heck, why not try and see if it helps.

It certainly couldn’t hurt.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping My Way To Health and Happiness

  1. I’m so glad to know that you are feeling better! Always do what works best for you. People get down on me for sleeping too much, but sometimes we need to recharge our bodies and our minds. Carry on, my friend. You are in my happy thoughts today!

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