Harnessing the Darkness Within

I went to the doctor today. I was given a referral to a psychiatrist. I should hear from them in seven to ten business days.

There, I did the thing.

Now I am back in bed.

I will leave you with a quote. One that gives me hope that something good might still come from all the craziness living inside my head:

“… he had begun to understand the great principle that moved the universe, at least that part of the universe which had to do with careers and success: you found the crazy guy who was running around inside of you, f*cking up your life. You chased him into a corner and grabbed him. But you didn’t kill him. Oh no. Killing was too good for the likes of that little bastard. You put a harness over his head and then started plowing.

The crazy guy worked like a demon once you had him in the traces.”

— Stephen King, It

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