A Long Wait with a Big Reward

So first off let me say that I had a productive day and I spent no time at all zoning out on TV. For anyone who read my previous post they can understand what that means to me. The test has been administered and the results are in; I just needed a day off and I should let go of any guilt I feel from taking it.

As for how my day went; I spent the majority of the day nervous. However, it was not the generalized sense of doom I felt the day before. This was a specific and reasonable nervousness that was associated with a certain event. So I could be fairly certain that once the event was over I would feel better.

But I didn’t know how much!

The event I was anxious about was a parent teacher conference I had in the afternoon. I was looking forward to all my favorite things; seeing my ex husband, making small talk, potential awkward silences, and of course awkward silences with my ex husband followed by small talk. Super fun! (You can hear the sarcasm, right?)

The appointment was for three in the afternoon. There was nothing I could do but wait. Normally if there is something like that I am dreading I would get it done early in the day so I could spend the rest of the day feeling the sweet relief of accomplishment. With this, I just had to wait.

And I did. I waited. And waited. And waited. Until it was finally time to go.

The conference did have all the things that I find so uncomfortable… but it also had teachers gushing about how wonderful my son is. And I mean GUSHING. Not the normal, teachers being very polite and highlighting all the positives. No this was beyond that. This was a glowing report.

And what parent doesn’t love hearing how wonderful their child is?

Naturally, walking away from the appointment I was on cloud nine. Not only was the whole ordeal over and I could relax, but also I had just spent a half an hour hearing how incredible my kid is.

So, the day was hard, but the evening was f*cking great.

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