And Now Some Relief

I did what I planned to do yesterday. I spent the day reading books about Egypt and then I did a bit of writing on my novel. It was my second day of 250 words (at least) per day for six weeks. I am going strong.

The other side to that is this; I don’t have a lot to write about here. I didn’t have any struggles today. There was one phone call that was giving me anxiety. I made sure to do it fairly early in the day, as soon as I felt strong enough, so that it wasn’t hanging over me anymore. Other than that, the day was quite nice, peaceful and rejuvenating.

(Big sigh of relief)

I am grateful for days like this. The hope of another one keeps me going through the bad days. And the reward of more motivate me to take care of the unpleasant parts of life, so that I can reach another day like this.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I hope it feels like this.

The picture featured is of my cat.

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