A Little Slice of Perfect

I haven’t done much yet to write about. I could tell you about being at McDonald’s, sitting in a booth and watching the boys play and feeling completely content. They are playing a spy game. They are finding clues and solving a mystery together.

It is perfect.

When they were smaller I would take them to this indoor playground at the mall by our house.

It was perfect.

But sometimes I wondered what I would do when they got too big to play there anymore. I never had a good answer but I would just try to have faith that when the time came, I would find something else.

And here I am. We no longer live by the mall, the boys are too big to play in that playground, and I am writing a whole lot more than I was back then. And now, we are at a bigger playground, a few minutes from where I meet with a group of woman on Saturday mornings, and I have a quiet table to sit at and write away while they play.

It is perfect.

I know that it won’t always be perfect. Their needs and interests will change. Our situation and the surroundings will change. And when that happens, I will find something that will be just as perfect for then as this is now.

I am feeling pretty good today, optimistic even.

And here they come; rushing to tell me what mysteries they have uncovered about the infamous Play-Place Slide Conspiracy. Either that, or they are ready to go home. Its noon and the place is getting crowded.

Until next time…

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