A Trip to the Dentist

I took my son, Mason, to the dentist yesterday. He had a baby molar pulled (yikes)! He did great though. He cried when the Novocain shot went in (it is unimaginably hard to watch your child cry in pain). But by the end of the visit he was cracking jokes with the dentist, true to form.

Afterwards I bought him ice cream and popsicles and he spent the rest of the day playing Minecraft and watching YouTubers play Minecraft. If he had his way he would have been running around like crazy person, but dentist’s orders were to rest.

Other than that there isn’t much to report.

I didn’t get up and run early this morning. But that is okay because I made the decision; I am not forcing myself to get up early unless I have actually gone to bed early.

I tried to push through one day and I ended up being cranky with my kids, and nothing is worth that. Enjoying my time with them and having the ability to be patient with them is way more important than burning a few extra calories. So if I can’t get to bed early than I don’t get up early, and that’s that.

I haven’t binged on sugar or anything the last few days and that makes me feel hopeful. I did have some nervousness and pain yesterday… and the day before. But maybe today will be different. I am looking forward to this weekend with my kids.

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