Past Failure and Setting New Goals


I didn’t work out early this morning like I planned (it wasn’t a good plan). Turns out that little girl (my stubborn inner child) doesn’t sleep in. She was up and ready to throw a fit before my eyes were even open.

I am not giving up though. There must be a way. I still like the idea of getting up early and working out first thing. I just need to make a bigger effort to go to bed earlier. I thought I was doing that last night, but as I turned out the lights I realized it wasn’t any later than normal. So, I can do that differently tonight. I can make absolutely sure that I go to bed early. Then I can get up early and go for a walk/jog outside.

I am planning to go the gym later that day with my partner so I don’t need to be super charged about my workout. I just need to practice getting up at that time and getting myself outside.

So, looking ahead, maybe my goal can be this… a couple of times a week I do the P90x workouts, a couple of times a week I run, a couple of times a week I swim, and on Sundays I rest.

Plus I stay committed to my meal plan.

Does that sound reasonable? Does it sound achievable? Does it sound like it will allow me to reach my fitness goals? Does it sound sustainable?

I would have to say, maybe, I don’t know, I hope so, and I have no idea.

No matter if I know the answers to those questions or not, I am still getting  up early tomorrow morning, and going out for a walk, possibly a jog. Then later that day I will go to the gym and swim.

It’s a plan anyway. No one can say it isn’t a plan. It might not be the right plan or a perfect plan or even a good plan. But I won’t know until I try.

On a different note…

I wrote 700 fiction words yesterday. And 500 fiction words the day before that.

I recently decided that I am going to raise my daily word goal at the end of this week. So starting November 17th I will expect myself to get 250 fiction words a day written, everyday, no matter what. I will do that for six weeks and then raise it to 500 words a day.

I debated a lot about the number of words this next goal should be. Part of me still thinks its should be 500 and then next raise it to 1000. Because 250 words is not a lot. But there were a lot of times this first six weeks that I didn’t get more than one sentence written in a day. Now at the time, that was my goal, get at least one sentence written everyday. So I was reaching my goal. But I want to improve so now I need to raise my expectations… without raising them so high that I can’t reach them.

I want to push myself so that I get better and succeed, but I don’t want to push so hard that I break and fail. I must find the balance.

Anyway… I think I am going to stick to the plan of raising the goal to 250 words. If I can write more than that, then I will write more. And at the end of six weeks I will raise it to 500 words, and on and on.

That feels stable and sustainable.

At least I have that.

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