Looking Ahead to the Good Parts

I didn’t get to try out my new shoes yesterday. But I did get to spend the entire day at home, alone, doing research for my novel. It was marvelous. I had a wonderful time. I learned things about Witchcraft and Ancient Egypt and Native American Prophecy, just to name a few. I spent the entire day chasing down ideas, one after another. No anxiety, no depression, no procrastination, no laziness, no boredom, I was all action and work. Oh, if everyday could be like yesterday.

But that is not the case. Today I have a doctor’s appointment for my son and then I will take him to meet his brother at swim practice. It doesn’t sound so daunting when I say it out loud. However, I am aware today will be hard on me. Maybe not right away, but I will feel the effects soon, I am sure.

At least I had yesterday off. I am so grateful for those breaths of fresh air, in between the hard parts. I imagine they are what get me through the rest of it. And, although there will be some hard days this week, there will be more days like yesterday as well.

I look forward to them. 

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