New Running Shoes

Blog Psot Picture 11.4.19 Person tossing a shoe in a shoestore

Yesterday I went and did it. I bought new running shoes. I didn’t have the money and they were twice as expensive as I thought they were going to be but… I needed them. I am not working out for lack of new shoes and it is taking its toll on my emotional state. I was trying to wait. Wait until after Halloween. Then wait until after my car got out of the shop. Of course next it was going to be wait until after Christmas, and then my son’s birthday after that, and by then both boys would need new clothes and… well, you see where this was going.

I asked for help and yesterday I got new shoes. This morning I plan on using them for the first time. You know what? I actually feel a little hopeful. Which is more than I can say about the day before.

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