I Just Don’t Know


Blog Post Picture 10.15.19 question mark

I went for a walk yesterday. I had been feeling a little sick the day before so I didn’t want to press my luck and go for a full workout. The thing is… looking at my heart rate, the walk was on par with a fast jog and much better than a slow jog.

I don’t know what I should make of that. I know I said I wanted to figure out some other way of tracking my workouts, but that hasn’t happened yet. That is partly due to not knowing where to look. I have a few running books but they seem geared to someone so completely different than me that I have a very hard time taking their advice.

So now I am left with the question, what should I do today? Do I jog or do I walk?

I just don’t know.

I probably will end up jogging just because I have been walking the last three days and I feel like I should switch gears. I will let you know how that turns out.

Oh, and if anyone has any advice, I am open to suggestions.

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