Book Recommendation: Armageddon’s Children


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Genesis of Shannara #1: Armageddon’s Children

by Terry Brooks

This is chronologically the fourth book in the Shannara Series. But it is the first book in the  Genesis of Shannara trilogy. And when I looked up the order the author, Brooks, suggested to read the series in, it came in as the 18th book to read. So, make of that whatever you will.

I have read the first book, chronologically speaking, Running with the Demon (Book 9 to read according to Brooks) although I did not know it was even part of the Shannara Series when I read it. Only after beginning Armageddon did I put two and two together. I have started the first book Brooks suggests you begin the series with, The Sword of Shannara, but I haven’t read very far.

I think I will continue this journey chronologically. Partly because I wasn’t getting into The Sword of Shannara, and partly because I was really getting into Armageddon’s Children and it ended with a major cliffhanger. I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! 

Favorite Character: Sparrow, one of the street kids, and Kirisin, an elven protector of Ellcrys the magical tree.

Favorite scene: When Sparrow fights a giant centipede that has burrowed its way into their bunker/hideout/home. This scene had me literally at the edge of my seat.

Favorite line: “His father did not speak of it directly, but in the spaces between the words of reassurance were silent warnings.”

Gore level: It is a fantasy novel, not really horror at all, so not much gore. I guess a better description would be the level of magic/fantasy. That was nicely woven in. the story didn’t rely too heavily on it. Magic was only used it when appropriate. The book had a very real connection to human emotion, which gave the fanciful parts something solid to stand on. The magic and otherworldly creatures just added to the story and enhanced the experience without carrying the entire weight of the plot.


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