How I Didn’t Back Out


Blog Post Picture 10.9.19 2 Feet dipped in a pool

Yesterday I had a bit of an anxiety attack in the middle of the day. It happened before I left to go swimming. For a moment I considered not going and staying home. I told myself it would be fine, I would run instead. I ended up sticking with my original plan  and I am glad I did. I reminded myself that the nerves weren’t telling me not to swim, they were telling me I needed to swim. However, simply knowing that didn’t make me relax and I felt the pull to run away and hide all the way to the gym, and into the locker room and even out onto the deck of the pool. But a few laps in and the feeling melted away. By the time I got out I felt like what I imagine a normal person feels like. It was not unpleasant.

Today I don’t know what I will do, but I think it will begin with meditation.

Here is the chart from that workout. Make of it what you will. I certainly can’t tell what it means. But there it is.

Until next time…

Fitbit Blog Post 10.9.19


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