Ok. Here are two charts from my Fitbit from the last two days. The first one, we will call it chart A, is from going for a walk with my kids. I will say that again. Chart A is from going for a WALK with my CHILDREN. Chart B is from RUNNING FOR AN HOUR.

Chart A                                                                                      Chart B


Fitbit Blog Post Picture 10.8.19 2











I give up. I just don’t understand. What should I be doing? Am I doing the right thing? Should I be trying harder? Should I be trying less hard? Should I be working out more or less or in a different way? AHHHHH!

Ok, that was my freak out for the day. I plan to go swimming later where I will probably feel like I burned a million calories and it will turn out I barely got out of fat burn. Maybe its time to look elsewhere… maybe the Fitbit is not the end all be all of a reference that I have been using it as… Hmmmmmm….

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