Blog Post Picture 10.8.19 don't forget 2

It was a long weekend. I only got out for a walk on Sunday. The rest of the weekend was filled with kids and kid related activities. Which was fun. However, I forgot I get cranky when I don’t get to work out. I get cranky, and irritable, and grouchy, and short tempered, and other things that mean the same thing. I also get despondent. I can’t see the good because my mood is so sour. My point being, I didn’t take the boys to the pool on Sunday because I was exhausted from Saturday but I think I should have taken them because I ended up feeling unpleasant all day anyway.

I have learned this before. I realize that. Apparently I needed a refresher. Well I got the message! I feel better when I make the effort and get the exercise. Ok! May that be the last time I forget (it won’t be).

Anyway, until next time…

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