A Day With The Kids

Blog Post Picture Barrels of Pumpkins

Well, I spoke too soon. I had a couple (minor) anxiety attacks yesterday. They happened mostly while I was driving. I cannot wait for the day when I can give that up completely. I long to take the bus again (and live in a city with good public transportation – that is key). I personally think that driving bumps up anxiety levels all throughout the day. It’s much worse than say, drinking caffeine, in my opinion. It does make everything quicker to accomplish. However, when I take the bus, the Zen-like tranquil state I arrive in totally makes up for the fact it took me three times as long to get there.

Anyway, other than the attacks it was a very nice day. We all got lots of cool stuff, costumes and a couple of decorations. And then we came home and watched spooky movies while the boys did some Halloween crafting things. Michael painted his version of a sugar skull (Coco is one of his favorite movies). And Mason painted a creepy zombie hand (he is my future horror movie fan).

As for how I handled my anxiety, I didn’t workout at all. When I was out and felt anxious I took deep breaths. When I came home I spent about an hour alone in my room, with headphones on, listening to guided meditation that focused on mindfulness and grounding. In the meantime, the cool breeze is blowing through the trees, the rain is pitter-patting against the windows, and the leaves are turning all sorts of fire colors… fall is HERE!

So, until next time…

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