Series Recommendations: The Boys / Marianne


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Review of The Boys:

A twisted take on the super hero genre. My partner and I consumed this as fast as possible (watching one or two episodes a night for a week). I cannot wait for the second season.

Favorite Character: Homelander, the superman-like super hero. He was so scary. I liked others as well, but he had this smile got under my skin and crawled around, incredibly creepy.

Favorite scene: An airplane flying at night, the passengers look out into the darkness and see a man, hovering beside them, he looks at them, smiles, and then his eyes begin to glow red.

Favorite Line: “It was either bird watching or alcoholism so… birds.”

Gore level: There was blood and guts and squishing sounds and gruesomeness galore. They had some stuff that was classic gore and some stuff that I have NEVER seen before. It was delightful.

Review of Marianne:

Marianne is a French horror show currently on Netflix and it has to be one of the scariest things I have ever watched. No joke, its crazy good.

Favorite Character: The main character, Emma. She is a famous horror author who is a badass, punk-rock rebel who drinks way too much. So, she is essentially my spirit animal.

Favorite Scene: The assistant is in a house at night. She is alone. The security alarm has gone off. The phone rings. She answers it. It is the security company calling because of the house alarm. The security guard tells her the police on their way and he will stay with her on the phone until they arrive. She tells him the front door is open. He tells her to go shut it. She does. Then… he tells her to turn around, “Just to be sure”. She does and tells him nothing is there… He says, “Are you sure? Look closer… I’m right here… in the corner… can’t you see me?” And that is when she sees eyes glowing from the shadows. I STILL get chills thinking about it. It was the perfect amount of tension and suspense and just plain scary AF.

Favorite Line: “give me your foot”… I will just leave you with that.

Gore Level: Not that gore-y. Well, if you don’t count the bundles of teeth wrapped in bloody flesh tied together with human hair. But other than that the show really relies on reaction shots, flashes of twisted expressions, repeated disturbing images, and a never ending supply of the scariest smiles I have ever seen.

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