Getting Ready for Halloween

Blog Post Picture 10.3.19 Tiny Pumpkin

I got through the school day without a single anxiety attack. I am not sure why I was spared. Maybe it was because I wrote about it in detail before it happened. Maybe it is because I have been working out so much. Maybe it is because my partner came with me to the school this time. Maybe it is because my ex-husband wasn’t in the same class I was in. Maaaaybe it was because there were chairs for us to sit on and we didn’t have to stand or sit on the floor (just kidding, that definitely wasn’t the reason). Maybe it was for some completely different reason that I would never guess because it seems totally unrelated. Whatever the reason I was very grateful. And now I have my boys for the next five days and that always makes me feel better.

We are going to go shopping for Halloween stuff this Saturday. This is my favorite Holiday. In the divorce I made sure that I got the boys every Halloween. I even gave up every thanksgiving to make sure of it. Last year was our first year in this neighborhood. It turned out to be my fantasy trick-or-treat neighborhood. It is the neighborhood that other neighborhoods want to be. There are king sized candy bars, every house is decorated, kids running EVERYWHERE, and the amazing costumes! The adults are just as dressed up as the kids. It’s pretty wonderful. Anyway, I am sure this won’t be the last time I gush about Halloween before the end of the month, so I will leave it at that for now.

As for exercise, I went swimming Tuesday and Wednesday. I am going to run today and then swim again on Friday. That is my plan. I am stating my intention. It will be a long week of exercise, but on the off chance that was the reason I was spared an attack, I figured I would try. Also I don’t think I will have any time this weekend to workout.

Until next time…


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