When I Want to Buy Everything

Blog Post Picture 9.28.19

Do you ever find yourself walking the aisles of a grocery store and think, ‘oh maybe I shouldn’t be doing this right now’?

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and I was in that kind of headspace. I felt like saying yes to everything. Things I normally would pass on by without a second thought, instead I was standing and staring at them like I was hypnotized. Weighing the possibilities. Considering the consequences. In the end I walked out with makings for apple and pumpkin pie. I hope you noticed I said the makings for them. I didn’t just grab actual pies, frozen or otherwise. And I didn’t get any cookies or doughnuts. In fact, I didn’t get anything extra at all, except for the pie fixings.

When I got back home I stuck to my meal plan. I didn’t binge on sugar all by myself standing over the kitchen sink (like other times I have come home from the store). So I am not looking at this as a loss. I am going to call this … forward thinking. Let me explain. The other weekend my partner, Kell and I were craving sweets super hard. Eventually I made Kell get up and make shortbread cookies (we didn’t have the fixings for anything else). The cookies were wonderful. Afterwards, however, I felt like my blood had turned to into thick salty butter.

So, that brings me back to yesterday at the grocery store, facing down the multitude of confectionary delights, thinking about the fact I was entering another weekend, and rightly wondering if the blood-turned-butter situation would be repeated. And as I looked around I saw pumpkin pie filling, I saw apple pie filling. I saw all the things that would mean, instead of panic bingeing on shortbread, we could bake a little, partake in some sweets, and possibility practice more caution and moderation when it came to the consuming of said sweets.

So I bought the pie makings. Forward thinking. We shall see how it goes.

As for the rest of the day, I meditated, I wrote a bit, then it was time to pick up the boys and take them to swim practice. It was so fun to watch them. They love the water so much. Then we came home and did the normal evening things; dinner, showers, and homework. It was nice and relaxing. I already miss them and they just left for school. Their dad has them all weekend though and it’s hard on me. (Maybe that’s why the sugar cravings start? Just a thought.)

Anyway, no workouts yesterday, just taking things slow, one thing at a time. It felt like the right thing to do. I will be sure to workout today, as I have found I do better if I don’t miss two days in a row. Until next time…

Stay cool. You are stronger than you think.


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