Blog Post Picture 9.26.19

I went swimming yesterday and I actually reached peak heart rate! I am so happy about that. I think I need to learn how to do the flip turn. It is possible that I am hampering my progress by continually stopping to take an extra breath at the end of every pool length. Yesterday I tried to simulate the flip turn as best I could (without actually flipping). I took a quick breath and dove back underwater, pushing out as fast as I could. When I was able to keep that up was when I reached peak heart rate. Which made me wonder… have I been doing the equivalent of slowing down to a walk every thirty seconds during my run? If that is the case then it is no wonder I feel like I have plateaued.

I think I will watch some YouTube videos about how to flip turn while swimming freestyle. And then practice that today while I swim.

Otherwise things were alright. I had a small anxiety attack in the morning while I was getting ready to leave for the gym. I pushed through it and was alright by the time I arrived. Oh! And the pool was practically empty! There were an entire fifteen minutes where I was the only one in the pool!

Maybe I will get lucky and have another day like that today…

And one last thing, I switched my Fitbit workout tracker from simply “workout” to “swimming” for the last ten minutes. The chart is very different. I am not sure if I like it or not, but I am going to try it out the next few swims.

Fitbit 9.26.19

Fitbit 9.26.19 2

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