#$@&%*! SHOES!

IT WAS THE SHOES! All this time it was my shoes that were hurting my back while I ran! My mom had suggested just such a possibility a few weeks ago, but I didn’t think to test that theory until yesterday. And wouldn’t you know it? I was fine! Running was a breeze! This entire time I have been wearing shoes that didn’t fit properly and causing myself pain. Well no more! (happy dance!)

I set out for only 60 minutes (on the treadmill) and ended up doing 65. I did a warm up walk for the first five, then I jogged steady for the next 50 minutes. I allowed myself sips of water every ten minutes. I did not let myself fully stop though. I paused just long enough to gulp down a mouthful and then I was back running. It helped to keep my heart rate up so I didn’t get the cement feeling in my legs. At 55 minutes I moved down to a walk again and gradually slowed my speed down over the next ten minutes. (On the graph it is real clear when I stopped jogging.)

I felt safe because I was home alone and no one could make weird eye contact with me. I felt strong because I reached my goal and crushed it. I felt exhilarated with the freedom of running without pain.

And all because of a little switch in footwear.

I can certainly promise next time I won’t be shopping from the bargain bin at the Outlet Mall. Running shoes are one of those things that require the extra expense. If you go cheap, well, your spine might be what pays the price. I have learned my lesson.

I am so very happy to have running back in my life.

Fitbit 9.6.19

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