8/30/19 Swimming

Yesterday I went to the gym early in the morning. It was pretty nice at first. There was practically no one there! By the time I left though, classes had begun to trickle in and I was happy it was time for me to get out of the water. I went the entire 75 minutes, though it was hard. The last ten minutes I slowed way down just to make sure I finished. I was exhausted.

Fitbit 8.30.19 copyUnfortunately I forgot to tell my Fitbit to stop tracking my exercise when I was done working out. I did NOT work out for two hours and eighteen minutes even though that is what it says. I am not sure of the actual minute-by-minute break down of heart rate zones. I am still surprised I never reached peak… I might have to take a harder look at that and do something to change it. Or at least find out if I can still improve even if I never reach peak.



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