8/29/19 Walking

I walked yesterday. I was sore all day. My anxiety was pretty high all day as well. The walk didn’t really help. I never got into cardio, not once! When I started walking I planned to go for 75 minutes but I didn’t last that long. My muscles were cramping up, especially my legs. With no real endorphin rush to keep me going I stopped at 54 minutes. I was surprised that I never got out of fat burn zone. That was not always the case. I went hunting in my backlogs on my Fitbit and found a workout from March that was basically the same thing I did yesterday. I will post it here along with yesterday’s chart. I am more than a little proud of how far I have come. I am looking forward to swimming today. After a good night’s sleep I feel much better and I am ready to get back in the water.

Fitbit for 8.29.19 New

Fitbit for 8.29.19 old

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