8/27/19 Swimming and My Sweet Scooter Skills

Yesterday I tried jogging. Instantly the pain was back shooting down my leg and I slowed back to a walk. I had taken the boys to the park and spent some time with them rolling around on scooters. It was a surprising amount of fun. I was getting really into it, taking the turns faster and faster and racing over the sidewalk like a pro. Anyway, the boys finally got bored (I don’t know how, I certainly didn’t want to stop scooting). They went to play in the park and I started jogging around the perimeter. And, like I said, immediately I was in pain. I have to admit that I need to deal with this before I can run anymore. I have a doctor appointment in September. Hopefully it will be something easy to fix. Until then though, I will be sticking to swimming or another low impact exercise.

Anyway, the day was really hot and I had only been exercising at the park for about 30 minutes when the boys said they were done and wanted to go. I relented and compromised with a trip to the pool (I did not have to twist any arms). When we got there I swam laps for 40 minutes to complete my 70 minute workout. Then I spent some time in the family pool playing with the boys. We had a good time together.

I realized today that I have this heart rate chart with my Fitbit app, which I am not taking full advantage of. So, here is the graph that shows how hard I was working and at what point in the workout. I assume the dip in the center is when I paused the workout, drove to the pool, and then started the workout up again once I was in the pool.

Fitbit 8.26.19

I feel like I could be working harder. I think I may bump up my time again. I may be ready for a seventy-five minute workout. What do you think?

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