8/23/19 Unexpected Rest Day

Things got away from me yesterday and I didn’t workout. I intended to go swimming, as I am still a bit nervous about the weird, possibly pinched nerve I feel when I run. But an old friend was in town unexpectedly and I opted to go out to sushi with her instead. It was totally a good call. I haven’t seen her in two years!

Isn’t it weird how when you are a kid if you don’t see your friends for a week its like you don’t know them anymore and when you are an adult you can go for literally years and just get together like no time has passed. It probably has something to do with the fact you are still growing when you are a kid and changing all the time, and by the time you’re an adult you are pretty much the person you are going to be. So the time apart doesn’t seem as drastic because you both are still basically the same people. Some of the people I would consider my closest friends I only see once a year. We don’t even talk on the phone in between visits!

Anyway, I digress. My point was I didn’t workout. I had lunch with a dear friend instead. I thought I could fit in both lunch and the gym, but by the time we were done catching up there was no time left to go.

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