8/19/19 Rest Day

I took the day off yesterday, the whole day. I did practically nothing. I have to say; I don’t think it felt very good. Maybe if I had spent more time reading and less time catching up on the new Netflix releases… oh well. Live and learn. Today I will make no such mistake. Today I will workout. Today I will go grocery shopping.

The truth is I have been distracted lately because I miss my kids. They have been at their dad’s for over a week now and I can’t wait to see them again. Every day I wake up and feel like a giant is sitting on my heart. It is an awful feeling.

I still talk to them everyday. I read a chapter from Warriors: Forest of Secrets every night. I tell them I love them. My eight year old is already too cool to say it back without prompting. I know one day soon he will be too cool to say it at all. I hate missing any time with them. These years go by so fast.

Anyway, that’s all I have for right now. Maybe tomorrow’s post will be a bit more positive. Until then…

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