8/17/19 Treadmill

Yesterday I ran on the treadmill. I ran hard. I felt amazing. I don’t know if I have leveled up or something but this just feels easier. I feel stronger. I can go longer. I am sticking to my 65 minutes but I am going to be bumping it up to 70 starting next week. I feel so good after each workout. All the nervous energy has been burned out of me. My blood feels clean and clear, instead of thick, sluggish and painful. I am walking around different too. I can feel myself standing straighter, taller, and more confident. Even long after I have worked out. The glow doesn’t last forever though. I found myself wishing I could go swimming last night when my head started turning sour. I didn’t go, but I did comfort myself with the knowledge I could go first thing in the morning.

Workout Summary:

66 minutes

146 average bpm

4.5 average mph

4.96 miles

10 minutes peak

49 minutes cardio

7 minutes fat burn


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