8/12/19 Swimming

Swimming yesterday,

I wanted to bump my time up to 70 minutes. That is what I said, right? Well… turns out I don’t.

I was excited to go swimming. I got in the water and I loved it. Then I reached 60 minutes and I wanted to stop. So I pushed for five more minutes and called that good. I realize when the workout is easy I start to get big ideas. I make plans for my body that it isn’t ready for. So I will stick to 65 minutes for a full two weeks, maybe longer. I don’t want to fail because I over extended myself.

You may be thinking, but its only five minutes! Well, you might be right, but I have learned about myself that balance is important. And it’s hard to find a good balance. I can see now that a single minute less than a 60 minute work out is too short a time for me. So why wouldn’t it be true for the reverse? Which is why I will be respectful of what my body tells me. I don’t want to listen to the whining or childish stubbornness that can sometimes fill my head. But instead I want to hear the adult voice inside me, the voice that understands the importance of hard work and seeks the rewards of that labor. Sometimes it hard to tell the difference between the voices, but I practice everyday and I hope I am improving.


Workout summary:

65 minutes

134 average bpm

0 minutes peak

49 minutes cardio

16 minutes fat burn


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