Keeping with my new focus, yesterday I swam for 60 minutes at a steady pace. I am in San Diego visiting my parents and the pool I was swimming in is the same pool I swam in for swim team when I was 13. It was a full circle kind of moment. Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day. My mom stayed in the open part of the pool with the kids and they played.

The truth is I was having a really hard day yesterday. Just the day before, I had flown from Seattle to San Diego with just the boys and myself, and I coped really well. I didn’t have any anxiety attacks, or crying, or nausea, or any freaking out at all. The day of the flight I was calm and collected. It was almost like I was a normal person.

The day after was when it all hit me. I was shaking, I felt sick, and I felt like a live wire of frayed nerves. I am pretty sure it was a delayed reaction to the flying, or it just could be that was the day I was going to have an anxiety attack, no matter what I was doing. But whatever the reason I was in full blown panic mode and I needed this workout. I needed every single second of it.

So I took it. I put my head down and set aside the worry and just swam. Afterwards the anxious energy was all burned off and I was able to have a much more pleasant remainder of the day.

Today I am going to LEGOLAND. I don’t foresee getting a workout in but I will let you know. I imagine the walk around the park will be plenty of exercise.

Swim Workout Summary:

60 minutes

139 average bpm

5 minutes peak

46 minutes cardio

9 minutes fat burn


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