The campout was wonderful. On Saturday we went for a hike. It was absolutely beautiful. There was a caravan of us who went and it was a bit of a drive to reach it. There were more than a few stops to check maps and scratch heads. There is no GPS to guide you out there in the great outdoors. We had to make do like primitive folk and use actual PAPER MAPS!

Anyway, after driving many dusty miles, on back roads that made my heart flip as I looked over the side and down into the abyss that was right next to us on the one lane dirt path with no guard rail between us and oblivion, we finally found the trail we were looking for. The hike was totally worth the near death experience driving there.

It was gorgeous. We walked along and looked at all the little flowers and listened to the birds. Volcanic rock was piled up in strange other worldly arrangements from some centuries old eruption. There was a breathtaking view of Mt. Adams in the high distance. After a while we stopped and rested at a little creek to catch our breath and drink some water. Then we headed back. I was sweating a little by the end. Nothing really hurt, in fact I felt like I could have gone longer if I needed to, but I had my boys with me. The younger and more dramatic one was “literally dying!” by the end. I keep telling him that is not what the word ‘literally’ means, but there you have it.

Anyway, my Fitbit tracked 89 minutes of continuous activity. Unfortunately I don’t have any other information about that workout.

Now its time to do laundry and get some rest before the boys and I are off to San Diego! I will post an update as soon as we are landed and all settled in. Until then…


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