Yesterday I ran on the treadmill. It was super hot outside and I didn’t want to wait until the sun went down. I did five minutes of walking to warm up and then I started jogging at around 3.5 mph (according to the treadmill). Within five minutes of that my body’s normal protests were already gone. I felt great. So I started running faster. Soon I was up to 4.8 and feeling alive.

I hovered between 3.8 and 4.5 for most of the run. I would get going and feeling good and then I would stop to drink some water. I would slow down and have to work back up to a good speed. At one point I even slowed down so much I was walking. I saw my heart rate drop below cardio so I sped back up but again, it was hard.

The other part of the run that was hard for me was when I was getting close to the end. I was fine as long as I knew I had a long way to go, but as soon as I was aware the end was near my body began to shut down. My legs became cement, my lungs weighed down, my joints were made of lead. It was very much a mind trip because I could stop it from happening by telling myself I would have to go farther if I slowed down now. With that thought, a switch flipped and I became light on my feet once again with no problems at all.

Looking at the summary I am really happy with how hard I pushed myself, even if I did experience set backs during the run. I was exhausted the rest of the day and soar from head to toe. I feel better today, but I am not sure what kind of workout I want to do today. If it should be a pace run, a mild walk, resistance training… I would love to go swimming but the gym is closed today for a staff BBQ. Oh well. I am sure I will figure out something by the end of the day. Until tomorrow….

Workout Summary:

62 minutes

4.34 miles

4.2 average mph

148 average bpm

22 minutes peak

34 minutes cardio

6 minutes fat burn


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