I was determined to workout yesterday. I had two days without any exercise and one day with only walking so I was going to kick myself until it happened, and I did it. I went swimming!

First off, I was feeling better than the last few days right off the bat. Then I had a very lovely morning with the boys. I got my work done and spent some quality time talking with them and playing some games. After lunch we headed to the pool. First we spent some time in the indoor pool so the boys could practice what they had been learning in swim class. They are improving by leaps and bounds and it is so cool to watch.

Then we moved to the outdoor pool area that has a family pool for the kiddos and a lap pool for those of us who want to workout. I was prepared to join someone else’s lane if they were all full again. I wasn’t going to let the crowded nature of the lap-lanes steal my workout time. As soon as we entered I saw there were two lanes open. I practically threw my stuff down and jumped in. the boys hopped in the family pool and I was free to swim laps, which I did, for an hour. It was great.

I had planned to work a bit harder than the last time I swam, because that workout hadn’t pushed my limits. So I swam the same 500 warm up. Then I did, what I called “drills” (it sounds like a swimming term, but I have no idea if what I was doing would really count as drills) I alternated strokes and sprinted in between. Finally I did a cool-down swim of another 500 slow freestyle. I was quite proud of myself when I was done. Though, now looking at the summary, I wasn’t in peak heart rate zone for very long. But at least I got back out there and got my feet wet, so to speak. And tomorrow is always another day I can work a little bit harder.

Workout Summary:

Indoor pool (with the kids):

28 minutes

128 average bpm

0 minutes peak

16 minutes cardio

12 minutes fat burn

Outdoor lap pool:

57 minutes

145 average bpm

9 minutes peak

40 minutes cardio

8 minutes fat burn


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