Yesterday I swam! I took the boys to the pool and there was actually a lane open for laps. I got in and did 500 (20 laps) right off the bat. It took me 15 minutes. I wasn’t even a little bit tired. I kept going. I did some kickboard stuff and backstroke as well. I swam for 50 minutes and then I got in the family pool with my kids and played with them for the last 15 minutes we were there. It was great fun. I didn’t get my heart rate very high. I think I will need to go faster for that. But it was quite nice to be able to do it with such ease. The last time I swam it was for far less time and it was a lot harder. So I must be improving!

Workout Summary:

61 minutes

135 average bpm

2 minutes peak

40 minutes cardio

12 minutes fat burn



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