Not As Planned

Yesterday my workout did not go as planned. I took my boys to the pool with the intent to play with them a bit and when a lap lane freed up, jump in and get an hour or so of swimming laps. Well, starting off I lay in the sun a bit longer than I meant to. Eventually I did get in the pool and spent a good deal of time walking around in circles dragging the boys as they clung to my back. I could feel my legs working but my heart rate wasn’t getting very high. And then there was the lap pool problem. It was PACKED. A few people per lane and sun tanning vultures waiting at the edge for any free space that opened up. And it stayed that way all day. We spent three hours there. In the last ten minutes a lane opened up, finally, and I hopped in and swam maybe four laps before it was time to go.

As we left I told myself I would get a run in later that night. I had barely worked out at all and I wanted to more. I could feel the desire brewing inside me. But after getting home and cooking dinner and doing the dishes and listening to the boy’s practice reading and getting them into the showers, I was wiped out. Not normal long-day-and-I’m-tired wiped out. No this was swimming-at-the-beach-all-day-and-I-need-a-burrito-and-a-nap wiped out. After the second reading of Dr. Seuss’s Yertle the Turtle and the moments before the last shower was finished, I did what I normally don’t do at that time of night. I let the TV go on and I put my head down on the arm of the couch. I should have known what would happen.

I was only out for fifteen minutes. I woke up to both boys shower fresh, in jammies and happily sitting on me watching cartoons, no doubt surprised by the change in routine but smart enough not to ask questions and wake me. I shook my head clear of the cobwebs and turned off the TV and started moving everyone upstairs.

After that we were set back to the normal routine and everything was fine. Soon they were tucked in for the night, heads kissed and I-love-you’s exchanged. I went back downstairs to finish the last of the dishes and decide what I was going to do next. Needless to say, I was exhausted and I didn’t go for a run. I did end up walking around my living room for another 30 minutes or so while I watched Jessica Jones before my partner got home. After that I was through for the night.

Workout Summary:

At the pool:

65 min. workout

118 average bpm

0 minutes in peak heart rate zone

14 minutes in cardio

51 minutes in fatburn


At home:

30 min. workout

0 minutes in peak heart rate zone

16 minutes in cardio

14 minutes in fatburn



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