Night Jogging

Yesterday I ran around the neighborhood park at night. I started as the sun was setting and ran well into darkness. The first 15 minutes were hard. I kept getting a twinge of pain in either my right ankle or my left knee. So then I would focus on my stride more and the pain would melt away. But then I started getting a side stitch. I did deep breathing, which helps most times, but not this time. It really hurt and it wasn’t getting better. I had run around the park maybe two and a half times when I made a plan. On the end of my third lap, if the stitch was still there, I would walk for half a lap. It did and so I did. The pain eased up quickly and I was able to start again no problem. And when I started again I felt amazing. No pains, no stitches, no complaints at all. I felt really good. I felt like I could run forever. Around and around and around I went for lap after lap. I wasn’t shuffle-jogging I was real-jogging! I finally stopped because it was getting hard to see the sidewalk.

Workout Summary (minus warm-up and cool-down):

3.75 miles

154 average bpm

12’14” average pace or 11’41”average pace (according to which app I go by)

29 minutes in peak heart rate

17 minutes in cardio

1 minute in fat burn


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