Trail Running

I went outside on a trail yesterday. There were mile markers and everything. I was able to determine that my running apps are pretty close to accurate. So that is nice. The way I went was slightly up hill on my way out and slightly down hill on the way back. It was shaded mostly and had a wide paved trail. There were quite a few other people, mostly bikers. It was a nice sunny day so that makes sense. The run itself was hard. I pushed and made myself keep jogging the whole way even when my body was screaming to stop. I pushed through all the way up to the last half-mile. I walked after that. I was dripping sweat and breathing hard.

Workout Summary:

3.74 Miles

52.03 Minutes

13’54” Average Pace

18 Minutes in peak heart rate range

21 Minutes in cardio

14 Minutes in fat burning heart rate range


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